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The savior - The first arabic speaking film about jesus


The savior the first Arabic speaking film about Jesus. The actors, the directors are Middle Eastern did a great movie depicting the life of Jesus according the four the gospels.

Papioun is gathering the best directors and actors to do some great biblical films to change the Middle East and North Africa in spite of the small extreme groups are catching the attention of the main media stream yet millions are coming to know Jesus as their savior due to intensive media work.  

Papioun believe in doing the best for our Lord. A very professional redemptive story lines can and is changing the life of Millions. We want to widen the area of our impact regional wise as well world wise . To do something professional we need the best people in the field and best equipment in the world and we believe that God that he owns the world will provide for us through His people. Those who have ears let them hear.

The Roman Soldier - kamal


The savior:

The first movie done about the life of Jesus in Arabic with Arabic specking actors.


part of the film




We crucified Him by our own sin. My role was the roman centerioum

Millions were watching it this last Easter.


In Jesus name

Kamal Zayed




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