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Christmas Events


One of the reasons that delay my praise report on this topic because of two dates of celebrating the Christmas in the Holy Land.

There is a three kinds of tours of worship and encouraging the believers in the Middle East . It is a praise report rather a news Letter to say that God will not leave his people without a witness.

The three tours are first tour in some of the West bank churches secondly tour inside Israel worshiping in some of the local churches Jews and Arabs and finally an amazing tour in the surrounding Arab countries visiting churches.

I would say it is not easy to be a true follower of Christ any place in the world but in particular in the surrounding Arabic countries. Here are some of the points that I will share from that tours.

  1. The season of Christmas is so important to all the churches because it is one of the periods in which Christians inside the Arab world and Israel feel acknowledged yet there is fear in some countries to mention the name of Jesus publically.
  2. The churches are facing the same challenge of not knowing the future, with all the events that is happening in the Arab world with the fear of regional war and the economic difficulties. The theme of that was repeating itself in the hearts of believers was “we do not know what will happen tomorrow but we know who hold tomorrow”.
  3. I could not show a lot of good pictures because of the fear of the hidden believers where their lives could be threaten this thing let me be very upset in the spirit. So a lot of people from different backgrounds are coming to Christ and yet the follow up that some of the ministries are doing discipleship yet it is not enough.
  4. I was hearing amazing testimonies that made me feel that I still need to learn, for example a man went to Arab Saudi to work as a tour guide person, and he found himself evangelizing to all and the people there, he could not hold the message of the Gospel in and a lot came to know the lord, gave them Bibles and tracks. The authorities discovered that and put him in prison and then return him to another Arab country where I met him and we worshiped together and on my heart to give him support and worship cd which they lack. My dream is to worship God in all the Arab countries.
  5. The churches are hungry to the touch of God and they need a lot of encouragement. Financially, emotionally, and preaching the word of God. They are hungry for good worship and music, good powerful touch of God, in spite of my financial need I was able to give a lot my worship CD ‘S Free copies, I was so blessed.
  6. I was amazed to see a lot home bible studies it was great to see the commitments it is the future churches.
  7. Finally I will say pray for strong leadership, wise, and continues evangelism in these countries I will say the harvest in truly many, pray for God to send workers, pray for support to do the work in doing life worship.











Love in Christ
Kamal Zayed



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