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Papioun is invited to do outreaches


Every month Papioun is invited to do outreaches in every possible city of Israel and the west bank. These outreaches are divided for two groups the body of Christ and the unbelievers both Jews and gentiles


We are experiencing a great hunger for God and we feel that God want us to do more.

Yet the challenge is to cover the basic costs of each outreach and thank God our group and the local churches participate in the expenses. We pray to get to that level that we will be only blessing to the local churches so their resources will go the basic needs.

 Outreaching Papioun 1


Papioun believe in excellence in everything we do so we bring the best musicians and best equipment so we can create and prepare the atmosphere for the Holly spirit to take over. So even if it is sometimes difficult financially the Lord is always glorified.


Outreaching Papioun 2


Pray for more steady resources to come through.






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