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They flocked to the open field by the hundreds to praise Allah. In a village in central Java, just a few miles from where Indonesian special forces shot dead an Islamic terrorist linked to the fatal July bombings of two hotels in Jakarta, worshippers raised their hands to the heavens

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One of the fundamental challenges with evangelistic cultural engagement ishow farto go to engage culture. It is always easy for unengaged people to sit on the sidelines and throw rocks at people who seek to engage cultures. I see it every day. But, people who care about God's mission also care about engaging culture.

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From the Roman Empire to the Cold War-era Soviet Union, many Christian groups throughout history have been forced to conceal their faith to survive government persecution. But some of Japan's kakure kirishitan, or "hidden Christians," have remained closeted for nearly 4 1/2 centuries — long after the threat of persecution had lifted.

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Christians are persecuted around the world. What's so special about the persecution of North Korean Christians that makes North Korea the world's top persecutor of Christians, indeed in acategoryall by itself?

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Christians in central India faced numerous attacks from suspected Hindu nationalists last week, with reports of attacks on churches as well as a centre for disabled children

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Malaysia (MNN) — Laws imposing Sharia (Islamic) law in one state in Malaysia are on hold, as secular government and Christians leaders cry “foul.” In 1993, the State of Kelantan passed legislation that allowed for beatings and even amputations as punishment for theft and other actions considered crimes under the Koran

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